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The bankruptcy of a legal entity based on the owner's decision is quite suitable for the founders to get a  relief from bad debts. The result of bankruptcy procedures is cancellation of penalties andliabilities with the release of partial or full repayment to creditors.

The service is available in Western Region (Lviv region., Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Uzhgorod).

After making the decision on bankruptcy a liquidation committee is appointed which fully complies with all the measures provided by the law. It’s main task is to identify all assets of the company and repay its debts. We will take care of the bankruptcy procedure and preserve the maximum amount of the assets and property belonging to the enterprise.


Organizing and conducting bankruptcy procedure may take more than a dozen days, and sometimes months, however if our highly skilled professionals with a growing successful experience in economic courts are involved, you will greatly increase your chances to minimize the loss of time and money!


  1. Getting the application;
  2. Providing a personal meeting with the client and choose the best solution to the issue;
  3. Getting 70% of the sum in advance;
  4. Preparation  of Shareholders’ Meeting and prepare the minutes to liquidate the company by the decision of the owner;
  5. Recording of the decision by the founders of a legal entity in the USR legal and natural persons-entrepreneurs;
  6. Implementation of bankruptcy proceedings and liquidation in full includes: debt collection, notification of the debtor company; closing of accounts opened with financial institutions; an inventory of the property of a legal entity which is to be terminated; closure of separate subdivisions of legal entity (branches, representative offices), dismissal of a legal person’s employees; consideration of creditor claims; drawing up an interim liquidation balance sheet after paying creditors' claims; preparation of the liquidation balance after satisfaction of creditors’ claims to ensure its approval by participants of a legal entity, the court or the authority which made the decision to terminate the legal entity; transmission of documents for archival institutions in accordance with legislation;
  7. Providing state registrar with documents necessary to the state registration of the termination of a legal entity.
  8. Transfer of documents to the client.
  9. Get 30% of the rest of the sum.


To implement the termination of a legal entity, the following documents are needed: founding documents, statistical, accounting and tax reports, lists of debtors and creditors of the company, primary documents that confirm business transactions with counterparties-enterprises, personnel records, all contracts of enterprise, information and documents about the property of the company, documents on the results of the inventories in the company.

The abovementioned list of information and documents that should be transferred to the liquidator is not exhaustive.

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