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The "Yuryst Lviv" company provides comprehensive services for individuals and legal entities to register a declaration on the beginning of construction works, objects, real estate. The service is available in Lviv and other cities of the Western region (Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Rivne).

Start of construction works is an important stage in the construction of buildings and edifices, as well as their completion (commissioning of the built house). Declaration of the construction works required document as well as a passport of a building under construction.

The procedure for filing a declaration is set by the body responsible for urban policy, which is the State Inspection of Architecture and Construction Control of Ukraine. The declaration is needed for the construction of apartments, which are assigned to the I-III category of complexity. In case the facility has been assigned  a  IV-V category of complexity, then the documents are to be sent to the Kyiv division of the SIACC  that grants permission to start construction work.

The declaration on the beginning of construction works is issued in two copies altogether with the application-permit for processing of personal data and other documents submitted to the local or regional body, where it must be registered within 5 working days. If, during this period, the declaration discrepancies are found, then it is returned to the applicant with a covering note, indicating the cause of return. If the inspection does not return the declaration and, at the same time, didn’t register it, then in 10 days after the said registration had to be registered it is considered to be done automatically.

During the construction of two-storey (excluding attic) building with the area not exceeding 300 square meters and also of outbuildings, the procedure for obtaining a building permit is simplified:

  • no need to register the Declaration and get permission for construction works;
  • optional development of construction project;
  • only a building passport and a notification on commencement of construction works are needed.

The declaration on the beginning of construction is obtained for free.


  • Advise you on the subject.
  • Prepare and review the documents of the customer;
  • Prepare and submit a declaration on the beginning of construction works to the authorities;
  • Obtain permission for the construction work.

Our experts will help you with registration of all necessary documents.

The procedure for obtaining a declaration on the start of construction mentioned above is accompanied by the preparation and submission of required list of documents. Remember that incorrect or improper preparation of documents entails the refusal to register a declaration or a permit to start construction works.

We will conduct professional consultation on preparation of permission to start construction works, will deal with all paperwork and bureaucracy. We will save you time and money!

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