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The "Yuryst Lviv" company provides comprehensive assistance in registration of mass media.

Lawyers in "Yuryst Lviv" are qualified professionals with significant experience in obtaining various types of licenses, certificates and patents, including but not limited to the certificates of registration of mass media. We will do our job quickly and efficiently! Contact us today and you will see all the advantages of working with us!

The service is available in Lviv and other cities of the Western region (Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Rivne).

Print media (i. e. media) publishes with the same name and at intervals of one or more issues throughout the year. These publications must be registered and need to have the certificate of registration of mass media. In Ukraine there is no discrimination for print media on the basis of language. That’s why the media are published in Ukrainian and foreign languages.

Print media is divided into the following types:
newspapers, magazines, newsletters, collections, calendars, almanacs, digests.


  • individuals (residents and non-residents of Ukraine);
  • legal entities (residents and non-residents of Ukraine);
  • labor groups, based on the relevant decision of the meeting.

To register media an application for registration of printed media must be prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine or the main territorial administration of justice in the region. An application for state registration of print media and annexes of newspaper or magazine type must be submitted to the registering authority by founder (co-founder).

Basic requirements for the application are set by Instruction on the state registration of print media in Ukraine №12 / 5 from 21.02.2006.


  • information about the owners;
  • information on associated parties;
  • information about the type, name, language, publication distribution sector;
  • basic principles and themes with indication of the target audience;
  • frequency of issues, scope and format of publications;
  • legal address of the founders;
  • location of the editorial office.

In addition, the competent authority may request additional documents and information confirming the information about the founders. These documents are photocopies of passports and TIN (for individuals) and copies of founding documents (for legal entities). In cases co-founder is a non-resident legal entity, there is mandatory requirement to provide legalized copies of non-resident’s constituent documents.

Application for registration of print media is being addressed for 1 month.

After a positive decision was made and the payment of registration fees for a certificate of registration was carried out, the registered printed media is assigned with the appropriate number and series. The certificate is indefinite.

IMPORTANT! If the printed media didn’t exercise its right to publication by printing at least one issue during one year, the certificate shall be canceled.

The procedure of obtaining the certificate of print media is not complicated, but to finish it successfully all necessary documents must be properly prepared. That’s why it is better to turn to the professionals who will help you with preparation of documents correctly and in compliance with the law.

Specialists in "Zakon Lviv" will provide professional services for preparation of documents and a certificate of registration of mass media.


  • Advise on media registration and a certificate of registration of the media;
  • Help in preparing the necessary documents and statements;
  • Legal support for turnkey media registration;
  • Registration editorial media;
  • Preparation of a memorandum of association;
  • Preparation of a complete package of documents required for registration internet media;
  • A legal analysis of documents;
  • Filing and obtaining of documents from the relevant structures;
  • Passing you the documents at a convenient time.

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