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Law  firm "Yurist Lviv" offers its service to customers who intend to register as a flat tax payer.

The service is available in Lviv and other cities of the Western region (Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Rivne).

The choice of taxation system for businesses and individual entrepreneurs is a process that requires professional analysis and research of each system’s features. Currently small business is allowed to pay taxes under the simplified system. Flat tax payers are divided into 4 groups. Depending on the selected activities, number of employees, expected the profit and appropriate tax rate legal entity has the right to choose the group it needs. For inexperienced person it is rather difficult to understand how one group differs from another, making it difficult to choose the best option for taxation. The result of a wrong choice may be extra amount of tax paid to the budget, and penalties accrued by tax service after inspections.

The service includes:

  • Preliminary consultation on registration as a flat tax payer;
  • Assistance in the selection of flat tax group in accordance with the peculiarities of your business;
  • Preparation and filing of the application on registration as a flat tax payer;
  • Filing of the application for the extract from the register of flat tax payers confirming your registration;
  • Obtaining an extract from the register of flat tax payers;
  • Registration of book of income (for entrepreneurs).

Often, entrepreneurs and managers of companies face the fact that the tax creates problems for them, preventing them from registering as a flat tax payer or  asks to provide  documents, not required by tax code. Given all these facts its often easier and simpler to let the professionals conduct the registration rather than do it by yourself.

To register as a flat tax payer, you need to collect documents and submit them to the tax authorities. But it takes time and knowledge, since it is very important to complete all documents correctly.

There is a special procedure for registration as a flat tax payer in the fourth group. To get the up-to-date list of necessary documents, please consult our lawyers. We will review your particular case and will help you to determine the flat tax payer group and will conduct the registration procedure. Our experts will help you to register without problems and in no time.

Consultation of a lawyer

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