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Company "Zakon Lviv" provides services on registration of trademarks (TM). Our experts will will regiser a trademark for you quickly and with quality. Our team has extensive experience in the area of trademark and business registration.
The service is available in the city of Lviv and other cities of Western pehionu (Ivano-Fpankivsku, Uzhhopodi, Mukachevi, Lutsk, Chepnivtsyah, Tepnopoli, Khmelnytsky, Pivnomu).

One of the most effective means to protect your business from unfair competition is  a trademark registration. The state guarantees legal protection of a registered trademark. Besides, the trademark is a brand name, a symbol of a company, a guarantee of quality.

What can be registered as the trademark?

Trademark is an individual sign that allows the customers to distinguish services and goods provided by one company from services and goods provided by another one. Trademark is something like a business card using which the buyers can differentiate products on store shelves, in commercials and adverticements.

Trademark registration is performed for various symbols that are divided as follows:

  1. three-dimensional signs, which are often a spatial object, such  as bottles, unusual packages or bottles;
  2. graphic (visual) signs which usually consist of ornaments, pictures or geometric shapes;
  3. word marks consisting only of words, phrases, letters or combinations of different numbers;
  4. combined signs, which have a partial or all components of the aforementioned elements;

Ownership of the  trademark certified with a certificate. The validity of the certificate is 10 years from the filing date to the State Department of Intellectual Property and is extended on the request of the owner of the certificate each time for 10 years.

There is no legal protection for trademarks that represent or imitate:

  1. armorial bearings, flags and other state symbols (emblems);
  2. official names of states;
  3. emblems, abbreviations and full names of international intergovernmental organizations;
  4. official control, guarantee and hallmarks, stamps;
  5. awards and other decorations.

Time necessary for trademark registration:

In Ukraine it is possible to choose different deadlines for registration of trademarks:

  1. standard procedure that lasts about 12 months;
  2. accelerated procedure that lasts 6-8 months;
  3. express procedure, which lasts from 3 to 6 months.

No matter which procedure you choose, the entire process of registration will occur by the same rules. This means that the requirements for filing are the same regardless of the chosen procedure. The only differences between these procedures (except for the timing, of course) is price.

The price for accelerating of the trademark registration procedure:

  1. Accelerated registration procedure (6-8 months) – 3912 UAH + banking  fee. For each additional class – 396 UAH + banking  fee.
  2. Express procedure (3-6 months) – 7237.20 UAH + banking  fee. For each additional class – 732.60 UAH + banking service.
  3. Standard procedure – 2000 UAH (state and additional fees are paid separately).

State fee for activities related to the registration of the trademark:

  1. To file an application for a trademark by one applicant – 1000 UAH.
  2. Additionally for each class of International classification of goods and services – 1000 UAH.
  3. Additionally for filing colored  image of the trademark – 500.
  4. Additionally for  the inclusion of a sign marking that displays the name of the state “Ukraine” – 
    6000 UAH.
  5. For filing of the application for a trademark by several applicants 130% from 1000 UAH.

Also, to avoid the refusal to register the trademark it is recommended to check the identity or similarity with the trademarks already registered and / or filed for registration.

  • Standard check – 780 UAH + banking  fees.
  • Combined mark – 1440 UAH + banking fees.
  • Additionally for each class – 244 UAH.
  • Time for check – 7 working days.

To register a trademark we need the following documents:

  • Copy of applicant’s passport and TIN
  • Image of the sign to be registered
  • Description of the mark that is to be registered
  • Information on the number of classes under the International classification of goods and services.
  • Information on the color of the trademark and / or mark of state symbols

Consultation of a lawyer

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