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"Zakon Lviv" provides services with obtaining VAT identification number (TIN) for foreign citizens in Lviv and other cities of the Western region (Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Rivne).

For non-residents, we provide the possibility of obtaining TIN without their personal presence, followed by personal delivery or sending mail.

In Ukraine a TIN (VAT identification number) is an individual taxpayer’s number, necessary for tax control.

When does the non-resident need to obtain a TIN?

Under the law of Ukraine, any foreign citizen who intends to perform any notarial acts, open bank accounts, get some income, be the founder of the company, be employed or in other cases provided by law is to obtain a TIN.

The documents and information for TIN

The index card of a person can be filed by means of legal representative or authorized person at presence of this person’s passport (original or copy), and also a warrant (notarized) to register the natural person in the State Registry

To obtain the foreigner’s TIN you will need to provide the following documents and information:

  • A notarized Ukrainian translation of the first page of the passport (if necessary, we will provide the translation);
  • Information about Ukrainian place of residence;
  • The power of attorney for our employee.

The time necessary to obtain TIN:

Obtaining a TIN will require from 5 to 10 business days.

The cost of our service includes:

  • A consultation on obtaining a foreigner’s TIN;
  • Preparation of necessary documents;
  • Representation of the customer in governmental bodies at all stages, obtaining the TIN on behalf of the customer;
  • Sending the TIN to the customer;
  • The customer’s participation is not required for obtaining the TIN;
  • To obtain the TIN our employee will file the filled index card № 1 to the State Tax Administration.

Obtaining the TIN in Ukraine is governed by the following regulatory acts:

  • The Law of Ukraine "On state registration of legal entities and physical persons - enterpreneurs" of 15.05.2003 № 755-IV.
  • Decree of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine № 1147 of 06.11.2012.

With us you will get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy!

Our team will help you to get the TIN with maximum comfort, in a short time and at a reasonable cost. The company "Yurist Lviv" works without any hidden fees, and we ensure that the agreed price will not be changed.

You can get the necessary legal advice, please contact us and rely on our help!

Consultation of a lawyer

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