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Current legislation Ukraine does not define the term "labor dispute". After analyzing the rules of labor law, we can define labor disputes as disputes between the employer and its employees, mainly associated with the use of legislation on labor order or changes in working conditions. Labor disputes are very specific and important. Specificity of them is that they relate to absolutely every citizen of our country, affecting both the employee and the employer. In practice, there may be situations when an employee is subject to certain conflicts with the employer, and then the employee simply needs to contact a qualified lawyer who will achieve positive decision in this situation. Our company has a staff of lawyers who can provide expert help in resolving disputes arising from employment.

This service is available in almost every city in Ukraine, especially in its western region. Professionals of a wide range of speciality in the field of legal services can help you in Lviv, Ivano - Frankivsk, Mukachevo, Ternopil and other cities.


The very concept of employment disputes is based mainly on addressing them judicial and non-judicial means. Speaking of non-judicial procedure, it may be noted that the litigation is only through a special commission on labor disputes. Although this practice is already beginning to retreat into the past. Also there is an administrative procedure - as a form of extra-judicial procedure during which the person is handling the relevant government authorities. Under the law such a dispute is viewed in shortened terms. Similarly, under current law such disputes can be resolved as disputes of sole persons related to the violation of the rights of one individual or collective labor disputes. Sole disputes are settled only by certain laws. One of the most common disputes are the ones concerning unlawful dismissal or restoring at work. Speaking of restoring, it may be noted that in this case the judgment shall be rendered on the same day when the case is heard in court. The employee, who was fired not in accordance with law, has the right to demand compensation of the average wage from the employer for the illegal dismissal.

Our services include full support of labor dispute, negotiation between the employee and his employer, finding an acceptable and optimal variant of dispute settlement between the parties representing the interests of both employees and employers in all public and judicial authorities, and we are engaged in representation of interests during the trial.

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