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The general procedure of bankruptcy proceedings for LLC  is by the Law of Ukraine "On Restoring Debtor's Solvency or Declaring it Bankrupt". This legal act sets out the sequence of events at the official termination of the company, followed by partial or complete performance of obligations to creditors, employees or government agencies and foundations.

The service is available in Western Region (Lviv region., Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Uzhgorod).

It is mandatory for all companies subject to the procedure of bankruptcy to pass all successive stages, guaranteeing protection of the rights of creditors and employees of the company.

Thus, the basis to make a decision on bankruptcy of the joint-stock company is already set. Then the liquidation procedure is being started and a liquidator is appointed. The liquidator carries out all the procedures provided by law, considers the claims of creditors, and estimates assets and liabilities that represent property and monetary value to study the possibility of debt, etc. At the end of the procedure the liquidation balance sheet is prepared, a report is being made and submitted to the court.


  • damages to life and health, mortgaged claims of creditors;
  • the workers regarding labor relations;
  • mandatory payments.


  • The result of our work will be the termination of rights and obligations of the company, and registering information about this in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs upon finishing the liquidation process.
  • Our lawyers are experienced and constantly replenish their knowledge in the area of organization of financial, economic and legal activities of enterprises of any ownership, so we can guarantee you a high-quality organization of all phases of bankruptcy proceedings of the company, minimizing thus monetary and time costs!


  1. Getting the application;
  2. Provide a personal meeting with the client and choosing the best solution to the issue;
  3. Getting 70% of the sum in advance;
  4. Preparation and submission of an application for initiation of the bankruptcy of an individual in the Commercial Court;
  5. After the liquidation procedure the company’s inventory is being checked, identifying property, assets of the bankrupt, collecting the claims of the bankrupt, preserving the bankrupt’s property and performing other procedures specified by the Law of Ukraine "On Restoring Debtor's Solvency or Declaring it Bankrupt";
  6. Preparation of register of creditor claims and submitting it  for approval to the Commercial Court;
  7. Sale of property of the debtor and paying the creditors' claims;
  8. Preparation and submission of the report on liquidation procedures and bankrupt’s liquidation balance for approval by the economic court.
  9. Transfer of documents to the client.
  10. Get the rest 30% of the sum.


For the procedure of closing an LLC we will need the following documents: founding documents, statistical, accounting and tax reports, lists of debtors and creditors of the company, primary documents that confirm business transactions with counterparties-enterprises, personnel records, all contracts of enterprise, information and documents on the property of the company, documents on the results of the inventories in the company.

The abovementioned list of information and documents that should be transferred to the liquidator is not exhaustive.

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