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Registration of the company with the customs authorities - customs accreditation

To obtain the right to foreign economic activity, an enterprise must be registered with the customs authority as a legal entity. Accreditation is a formal procedure that grants a national accreditation body the right to certify the competence of an individual to perform a specific job. Customs accreditation is the collection of the necessary information about entities that are accredited at customs, and entering the data obtained into the general information base. For those who have not passed the required registration, it is impossible to go through customs clearance of goods. Thus, obtaining an accreditation card is the most important thing for entrepreneurs engaged in foreign economic activity.

According to the current legislation, registration can be made at any customs office. Most often, this procedure is carried out either at the place of direct registration of a legal entity - a subject of foreign economic activity, or at the customs office where the goods that require customs clearance were received. If you would like to obtain customs accreditation in Kiev or Kiev region, the brokerage company "Zakon Lvov" will come in handy. With the help of our specialists, the entire procedure for preparing the documentation for accreditation will take place clearly and as quickly as possible.

How accreditation works

The list of the main stages of cooperation with the company "Zakon Lviv":

  • consultation - you need to submit an application on the website, after which a broker's representative will call you within an hour and provide comprehensive information on how the registration procedure will take place;
  • preparation - collection of the necessary documentation, filing an application in electronic form. The help of a customs broker will be needed to ensure that the documents are filled out correctly and to prevent
    violations of legal norms;
  • receiving a registration card of a subject - receiving an accreditation card and an account number, in time, registration is made within one working day;
  • making changes to the data on business entities - for this you need to submit documents again. With participation in the process of re-accreditation of the company "Zakon Lviv", the entire procedure with
    making changes will happen easily and without delay.

Why is it worth entrusting the registration of accreditation to a customs specialist?

If a professional specialist is involved in the accreditation procedure, it will be carried out without errors, at a high professional level. In addition, the help of brokers provides a number of important advantages:

comprehensive advice provided by real experts on accreditation at customs - this will avoid many bureaucratic obstacles;

use of the most recent information, because professional brokers carefully monitor all changes in legislation and widely use their knowledge in their work. Customs the broker can tell you exactly what documents are needed for successful accreditation, as well as how to submit the correct electronic application and avoid certain mistakes when filling out;

personal rich experience of cooperation with customs authorities, helps them in their work and allows them to speed up the process of passing accreditation.

Other reasons that testify in favor of cooperation with the company "Zakon Lviv"

By contacting the Zakon Lviv company, you will receive additional preferences:

  • efficiency, since qualified brokers work here, they are able to prepare documents very quickly and influence the acceleration of the registration process at customs accuracy - rich experience contributes to fast and high-quality work on paperwork for customs accreditation;
  • availability - the funds invested in a broker turn into important investments, since the available savings, strict adherence to deadlines and successful foreign economic activity.

Order the services of the Zakon Lviv company and get fast and high-quality accreditation at the customs of Ukraine.

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