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After registering the individual entrepreneurship, you can start your own business and work for yourself. Despite the fact that the registration individual entrepreneurship in Kiev is considered a relatively simple procedure, you may encounter a lot of problems. Therefore it is better use professional help of lawyers. Entrust the registration procedure of the individual entrepreneurship to us and we will do it at the highest level.

We will help you with registration in short terms and at a reasonable price. We specialize in registration. Customers recommended. Order now!

The service is available in Lviv and other cities of the Western region (Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Lutsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Rivne).

The individual entrepreneur is a natural person (can be a citizen of the country, a stateless person or foreigner), who is not limited in legal capacity from a legal point of view. It must be registered in a manner described by the legislation of Ukraine. This process is called the registration of the individual entrepreneurship.

To do business the entrepreneur doesn’t need share capital and statutory documents. Unlike legal entities an individual entrepreneur may be liable to borrowers even with their personal property. According to the legislation of Ukraine it can be a subject to penalties.

You can start individual entrepreneurship immediately after the finishing the relevant procedures for registration and upon receiving all documents for "Zakon Lviv".

In Ukraine only a person with full legal capacity can be an individual entrepreneur. Those are the persons, who:

  • Have reached the age of maturity (18 years).
  • Were married before reaching the maturity;
  • Have reached the age of 16 (if working under the employment contract).
  • Minors (if they are parents, but there always has to be a relevant permission from the guardianship and custody service).
  • Those who have reached the age of 16 years (if authorized by parents (guardians)).

Ukrainian legislation has also prescriptions for categories of citizens who can not become individual entrepreneurs and can not start their business. These persons are the ones, who:

  • Holding high office in the prosecution, courts, public security, internal affairs, public notaries, are in position power and control.
  • Military persons.
  • Individuals who exercise state control over the business.
  • The citizens who were forbidden from engaging in such activities by the court decision.
  • Citizens convicted for bribery, theft, crimes motivated by profit.

The main advantages of individual entrepreneurship:

  • no need to create the authorized capital;
  • the registration of the entrepreneur can be done at his place of residence;
  • can operate without a cash register and without the seal;
  • Individual entrepreneurship is the only legal form of business, which allows for commercial transactions in cash and allows to freely transfer money into cash.

To start the entrepreneurship in Lvov quickly and easily, our lawyers need the following information from you:

  1. Select the type of economic activity that you are going to do in the future. It is important for it to match the state classifier (NACE). According to the requirements, you can choose the main one and a few optional;
  2. Add a type of taxation: - simplified (single tax) - general system;
  3. In case of choosing a simplified system specify a group of single tax;
  4. Your telephone number.

Our services include:

  1. Free consultations at all stages of the process of registering the individual entrepreneurship;
  2. Preparation of the documents necessary for registration;
  3. Registration of individual entrepreneurship in government agencies;
  4. Production of seal.
  5. Registration of book of income;
  6. Free shipping of documents

The algorithm of our work is:

  1. Preparation of the necessary documents (registration card, power of attorney attorney) – will be ready in 1 day;
  2. Initial registration of the individual entrepreneurship in the Registration Service (obtain an extract from the USR on the third day after registration) - 3-5 business days after signing of all documents;
  3. Production of seal - 3 hours.
  4. Transferring documents to the customer.
  5. Registration of book of income - 10 business days.
  6. Free shipping of documents.

Consultation of a lawyer

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