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The number of foreign enterprises and entrepreneurs, whose products are offered to consumers in Ukraine, is constantly growing, which entails an increase in the flow of foreign goods, when imported into our country, it will require customs clearance. Those who have had a chance to go through this procedure know that this process is very difficult, but obligatory. It is impossible to avoid customs clearance, although it is quite possible to speed it up. But for this you need to attract professionals.

On the territory of Ukraine, assistance in customs clearance is provided by the Zakon Lvov company and has been doing this for more than one year. Experienced entrepreneurs consider the specified organization to be the best broker, therefore they very often use its professional services.

Customs clearance of goods - how it goes in Ukraine

To obtain permission to import products into Ukraine, you need to declare them at customs. For this, it is necessary to provide the representative of the customs authorities with comprehensive information about those goods that are sent to the customs territory. This can be done in several ways that are offered by the Ukrainian customs: orally, in writing, in electronic form. Having received the necessary information, customs officers undertake the registration of the goods. It is now registered and entered into a special database. Further, documentary control is carried out, after which - currency control. Having paid the necessary customs payments, the goods are subject to customs control in the customs Ukrainian territory.

During customs clearance, the goods must be paid in Ukraine:

  • necessary taxes;
  • the cost of the duty;
  • Fee for urgency - if necessary to speed up customs clearance.

Import duty is a payment for the import of products to the Ukrainian territory. Its size depends on what type of goods is subject to customs clearance, as well as the amount of money spent on the registration of customs declarations.

It seems that customs clearance of imported goods is not very difficult, but when you come across this in practice, the incredible amount of necessary documents is striking. In addition, they should not only be filled out thoughtlessly, but it should be done legally competently, understanding the slightest nuances of Ukrainian legislation and their consequences. Only professional brokers have the necessary experience and carefully monitor all changes related to the performance of their professional duties. For pedantic qualified specialists, the customs clearance process does not seem difficult, since they are free to navigate the very nuances of the customs broker profession. The company "Zakon Lviv" employs qualified workers who will quickly and efficiently carry out customs clearance of goods of any complexity.

How to avoid additional costs during customs clearance in Ukraine

Ukrainian customs is rich in unforeseen surprises that may result in additional costs. These can be unpredictable costs for the temporary storage of goods or the accrual of penalties in the event of a delay in delivery due to delays at customs. To avoid difficulties and unpredictable troubles, you need to involve specialists in the customs clearance process. Their professional assistance will save you time and good mood, ensuring that the necessary customs procedures are completed quickly. The Zakon Lviv company is a highly professional specialist in the customs territory of Ukraine, which guarantees high-quality filling of documents and who needs a minimum of time to complete the work.

The Zakon Lviv company provides assistance to long-term clients who import foreign goods. They do not deny professional help to novice entrepreneurs, they have just started their business with foreign manufacturers. The company's specialists carefully monitor the nuances in Ukrainian legislation in order to speed up customs clearance of imported products. They will promptly provide good advice, help you choose a reliable carrier, obtain the necessary certificates and fill out the documents. Professional brokers working in the Zakon Lviv company understand all the risks and can prevent various emergency situations during customs clearance.

In the hands of a professional, any of the complex procedures turns into daily routine work, with which they are easily and elegantly managed. The advantage of the Zakon Lviv company is that its specialists are widely known as qualified brokers and have a high degree of confidence in businessmen. The company's representatives provide turnkey services and are highly popular in the business world. Order the service of customs clearance of foreign cargo in the company "Zakon Lviv" - an experienced player in the world of professional brokers.

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